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Proverbs - the art of Holy living
Sunday, July 08, 2018

  • Who is the wisest person you know? In what ways is he or she wise?

  • Where did you look for wisdom before you became a believer or during times when you weren't following God?

  • If you could change any area of your life what would it be? Do you think Proverbs could help you in this area? How so?

  • Where are you on this road to wisdom? stuck in traffic? backtracking? fast lane? fool's alley? why? How can you allow the book of Proverbs to help you in your journey?

  • Would you consider taking a chapter each day for the next two weeks and prayerfully meditate on Solomon's advice?

  • The next book is Ecclesiastes, a summary can be found at the (Bible Project

Psalms - The Songs of God's People
Sunday, June 24, 2018

  • Monday - Psalm 1 What makes you happy? How can you make time to meditate on God's Word today?

  • Tuesday - Psalm 103 Stop and thank God for sins forgiven. Make a list of the "good things" God has given you. When have you last experienced God's grace in your life?

  • Wednesday - Psalm 139 Do you ever feel like escaping God's presence? Does God's omnipresence excite you or scare you? is it encouraging or terrifying? Ask God to examine your heart and then respond as He leads.

  • Thursday - Psalm 32 Unconfessed sin sapped David's strength like the summer heat. What sin do you need to confess? God freely forgive those who trust Him; How has that message been driven home to you recently?

  • Friday - Psalm 37 What do you secretly want to see happen to those who do evil and enjoy momentary success? Give an example of how you are postpoing an immediate good for a greater, future gain. What do you wish God would give you today?

  • Saturday - Psalm 63 What desert have you been through lately? Which verse of the Psalm best fits your relationship with God?

  • Friday - Psalm 121 Read a Psalm of ascent this morning on the way to church

Job - Questioning God's Wisdom
Sunday, June 17, 2018

  • When have you questioned why bad things happen to good people?

  • Have you experience any Job-like trials in your life? What were the results?

  • In times of suffering, do you cling to your love for God or accuse him of torment you? Talk with God about your attitude toward suffering. Let Him know you want your love for him to be bigger than anger or dismay over your circumstances. Ask Him to help you hold to your love even in the most difficult of times.

  • Bildad accuses Job of having some sort of secret sin. Have you ever been quick to judge someone? How can you make that right?

  • Often we need to be reminded just how amazing God's creation is and that without Him, we can do NOTHING. What act of creation causes you to be filled with awe and humility?

  • How does the book of Job affect your questions about suffering?

  • The next book is Psalm, a summary can be found at the (Bible Project)

Esther - Hidden King Delivers
Sunday, June 03, 2018

  • Although God is not specifically mentioned in Esther, how do you see Him working?

  • Someone has called coincidences "God's way of working anonymously." Do you tend to give God credit for the coincidences in your life? Have you ever thought about the many ways God's keeps you safe, but you never find out about? In the book of Esther, what "coincidences" did God arrange for the deliverance and safety of His people?

  • In what ways would you say you are actively involved to make a difference in your own time of history?

  • What situation in your life causes you to need God's reassurance that He will care for you and preserve you?

  • Do you wonder about the places to which God has brought you in life? Do you have questions about failures or missed opportunities? As God to help you better see your life through His eyes and place yourself in His care, trusting that His good purpose for you will be achieved.

  • Next week will be at EIBC, please spend a few extra minutes asking God to send us a good crowd of people who need to hear about Him.

Nehemiah - Rebuilding the Walls...On our Knees
Sunday, May 27, 2018

  • What was the easiest job you have ever had? How easy was it to leave it? How easy do you think it was for Nehemiah to leave the palace?

  • Of Nehemiah's prayers (Nehemiah 1:4-11; Nehemiah 2:4; Nehemiah 4:4-5; Nehemiah 5:19; Nehemiah 6:9; Nehemiah 6:14; Nehemiah 9:5-38; Nehemiah 13:14,22,29-30) which can you most relate to? convicts you the most?

  • Comparing last week's message on Ezra and this week's on Nehemiah - how did their respective roles complement each other? What does this tell us about spiritual gifts in the church?

  • Nehemiah cared for the poor - do you? How can you reach out to someone less fortunate than yourself this week?

  • What have you done to intentionally build God into your life? Do you yearn to spend time with God through the study of His Word, or is it more of a chore? Thank God for the things He is teaching you about Himself and His love for you, and ask Him to keep surprising you with new joy in the time spent with Him.

  • What personal character trait impresses you the most about Nehemiah? What leadership characteristics can you learn from Nehemiah?

  • The next book is Esther, a summary can be found at the (Bible Project)

Ezra - Moving Home
Sunday, May 20, 2018

  • When was the last time you moved? Do you think you would have been excited or discouraged to move from Persia back to Palestine?

  • Do you think it was more impressive for God to bring Israel out of Egypt by the plagues or out of Persia by moving the heart of Cyrus?

  • If it was God's will for the temple to be rebuilt, and if God is sovereign, why do you think He allowed trails to stop Israel from building the temple? Why do you think He allows trials and testings in your life?

  • What specific steps can you take in your life to make more time to pray?

  • In Ezra 4:11-16 - the Samaritans hurl several accusations against the Jews. List some accusations people make against God's people today to discourage and discredit us.

  • In your spiritual life, what are you fighting? Sin? Spiritual compromise? Repeat of past mistakes? Lack of trust in God?

  • The next book is Nehemiah, a summary can be found at the (Bible Project)

2 Chronicles - Lessons from the Kings of Judah
Sunday, May 13, 2018

  • Which of the 20 kings would you most like to meet? Which do you think you are most like

  • The Chronicler spends a lot of time going over precise measurements for the Temple in Jerusalem? Why is this place such a huge deal?

  • The book is filled with prayers. What lessons about prayer can be found in 2 Chronicles?

  • Where are you in your Christian walk? are you closer to Christ or further away than last year?

  • Where do you most need God to show up in your life today? Where does our church most need God? What lessons concerning worship did you learn studying through 2 Chronicles?

  • The next book is Ezra, a summary can be found at the (Bible Project)

1 Chronicles - David & the Ark
Sunday, May 06, 2018

  • What is your favorite movie? How many times have you watched it?

  • If a friend asked you - "why are there so many genealogies in the Bible" how would you answer? Why do you think 1 Chronicles has so many? Does understanding its place in the Hebrew Old Testament help you?

  • Chronicles is filled with war stories. Why is it important for a nation to remember the battles it's been through?

  • Do you find it easy or difficult to accept that God is sovereign? How would you explain God's sovereignty to an unbelieving friend?

  • Chronicles was written to connect the returning Jews to the glorious past of Israel. Do you think it is important to be connected to your past? Do you feel at all connected with the stories you read in 1 Chronicles or any where in the Bible? Why or Why not?

  • Christ must be central - is He central in your life?

  • The next book is 1 Chronicles, a summary can be found at the (Bible Project) or take a look at the entire "TaNaK" video (click here)

2 Kings - How to Lose a Kingdom
Sunday, April 29, 2018

  • Elijah and Elisha were very different prophets, who do you think you are more like? who would you more like to meet?

  • Are all of the "bad kings" in 2 Kings totally bad? Are there gray areas? Or are there only good kings, on the one hand, and bad kings on the other?

  • If you were stolen from you parents and taken to a different country, do you think you would care enough about your enslavers to suggest a possible course of healing? or would you rejoice your master got leprosy?

  • Which quality of God's character do you see most in the book of 2 Kings (sovereignty, justice, mercy or faithfulness)? Which do you need most in your life today?

  • Of all the stories in 2 Kings which is your favorite? Why? What about the story moves you? Who from the book would you most like to meet?

  • (I showed parts of an 8 minute summary of the Old Testament done by Mills City Church. You can watch the full video "click here"

  • The next book is 1 Chronicles, a summary can be found at the (Bible Project)

1 Kings - Rise & Fall
Sunday, April 22, 2018

  • If God showed up in your dream tonight and offered you anything you wanted, what would you ask for?

  • How does society define a "man"? In what ways is this different from the way God defines being a man? What are some of the biggest challenges facing godly men in today's society?

  • Solomon was pulled away from God by influence of his wives. What are the things that most pull your heart from God? Ask God to help you turn to Him above all else. God answered Solomon's earnest prayer for wisdom; He will answer your prayer as faithfully.

  • 1 Kings goes into great detail about the construction of the temple. What's the point?

  • What shocks you more, the boldness and confidence of Elijah on Mt. Carmel or his fear and running from Jezebel? Why?

  • Of all the stories in 1 Kings which is your favorite? Why? What about the story moves you?

  • (Watch the summary of Solomon's Temple put together by "Messages of Christ" (Solomon's Temple)

  • The next book is 2 Kings, a summary can be found at the (Bible Project)

God's Reminders
Sunday, April 08, 2018

  • What do you do if you really, really want to remember something? How well does that work for you?

  • What can we learn from studying the sacrifices and festivals of Old Covenant Israel?

  • In the communion service we are commanded by Jesus to "remember me" What exactly does that mean? Practically speaking, how may this be done? What was the most meaningful communion service you ever participated in? What made it so special?

  • How would you explain to someone who was contemplating baptism, the value of baptism? What if they were baptized as an infant?

  • Do you feel we as a church, over emphasize, or under emphasize baptism? Why?

  • When is the right time to be baptized? Is anyone too young to be baptized? Should one wait or be baptized immediately after a confession of faith?

Matthew 28 - Surprise!!
Easter Sunday, April 01, 2018

  • What part of the Easter story most surprises you? why?

  • If you could talk to one person who witnessed the empty tomb, who would it be? what would you ask them?

  • How would you define worship? How do you make room for worship in your busy schedule? How would you like to change your schedule to make more time for worship?

  • How did the reality of the Jesus resurrection "dawn" upon you? Were you more of a "quick believer" or a "slow doubter"? why?

  • Jesus told the women to "go and tell". In what ways can you fulfill this great commission? in the context of your family? work? community?

  • What hope does this passage give you as you seek to follow Jesus?

1 Samuel - looking on the Heart
Sunday, March 18, 2018

  • Share a time when you heard someone, but didn't truly listen to what they were saying.

  • When God answers your prayer, how do you respond? Have you ever had a prayer request God did not answer, but later you were extremely thankful God said no?

  • Of all the main characters in 1 Samuel (Hannah, Eli, Samuel, Saul, Jonathan, David) who do you relate to the best? Why? Who do you wish you could most imitate? Why?

  • Israel wanted a king "just like the other nations". What do you think were some of the false beliefs that lay beneath this request? Have you ever made a decision to be "just like the other nations"? How did it work out for you?

  • Saul was told that it is better to obey than sacrifice. Which is easier for you, obedience of sacrifice?

  • What are you focused on today, the physical circumstances and obstacles, or the greatness and grandeur of God? What can you do to keep God's glory in front of you today?

  • The next book is 2 Samuel, a summary can be found at the (Bible Project)

Ruth - under HIS wings
Sunday, March 11, 2018

  • Whom have you met recently who has brought good to your life in an unexpected way?

  • Can you think of someone who God placed in your life to help you through a dark time and remind you of HIS promises?

  • As Ruth and Naomi looked back at their lives and their losses, how do you think their perspective on these things changed over time? How has your perspective on difficult life experiences changed? How has God used these experience to lead you closer to Himself?

  • Where have you seen God's gracious providence show up in your life? How did you thank Him for that kindness?

  • Why do you think Ruth's story is so short? Did you wish it were longer? Maybe had a sequel? Who's your favorite character in the Book of Ruth? Your least favorite? Why?

  • The next book is 1 Samuel, a summary can be found at the (Bible Project)

Judges - Fallen People, Faithful God
Sunday, March 04, 2018

  • Why do you think we too often take God's blessings for granted and slip into indifference, complacency and sin?

  • The Judges were fallen, flawed individuals. What do you learn about God in the fact that He still used these people? What does that say for you?

  • What are some the idols in our contemporary culture? Which do you find difficult to eradicate in your life?

  • Judges show the importance a leader can have. Consider for a moment the influential people in your life. How has their leadership impacted you? Thank God for those He has used to mold you in life giving ways. Pray for God's help in the areas in which you are currently leading.

  • Of all the Judges in the book, who do you relate to the easiest? why?

  • The next book is Ruth, a summary can be found at the (Bible Project)

Joshua - be Strong and Courageous
Sunday, February 25, 2018

  • The children of Israel erected piles of stones to remind themselves of God's deliverance, provision or judgment. What stones do you have in you're life?

  • In the Canaanite conquest, God used Israel to bring judgment on whole people groups. How does this image of God fit in with the popular understanding of God? How does it fit into your understanding of God?

  • Review Numbers 13-14 and compare the attitudes and actions of the people with the next generation that approached the Promise Land in Joshua 1-2.

  • Having read the story of Joshua and the conquest, respond to this statement: God clearly desires to bless His people and prosper them.

  • God commanded the nation to march around the city of Jericho for seven straight days. Have you ever felt foolish obeying God's commands?

  • Of the 4 main characters in Joshua (Joshua, Rahab, Achan, Caleb) which do you relate to best? why?

  • The next book is Joshua, a summary can be found at the (Bible Project)

Deuteronomy - Obey God and Live
Sunday, February 18, 2018

  • What has God done in you and for you in the last week? last month? last year? Take sometime and thank God for His awesome faithfulness and grace.

  • Do you think the most about God when things are going well or when you are in trouble? why do you think that is?

  • Moses was called the greatest prophet. What about Moses impresses you? What are some of the key characteristics of Moses' approach to leadership (List at least three and provide examples)

  • According to the great "Shema" how are we to pass onto the next generation our faith? How are those principles being lived out in your family?

  • Are you obeying God out of a heart of love or obligation? How would you defend your answer with real life illustrations from the past week?

  • Have you chosen life?

  • The next book is Joshua, a summary can be found at the (Bible Project)

Numbers: into the Wilderness
Sunday, February 04, 2018

  • Of all the stories in the book of Numbers which one do you find the most interesting? most challenging?

  • God's presence was visibly with the nation of Israel in the cloud. What reminds you that God is present with you each day?

  • God despises complaining. What triggers complaining in your life? How can you make gratitude a regular and vital part of your life? What will you do different this week to be thankful?

  • Do circumstances of life seem to "big" for you right now? Ask God to help you take a step back and see things from His perspective, with your present challenges as part of His greater purpose for you.

  • Have you ever thought of God protecting you from challenges and threats you never see? Stop for a second and thank Him for His divine and perhaps unseen help.

  • Who can you encourage today?

  • The next book is Deuteronomy, a summary can be found at the (Bible Project)

Leviticus: Way of Holiness
Sunday, January 28, 2018

  • Everybody has a code to live by. Where do you get yours?

  • How do you approach the "Laws" in the book of Leviticus?

  • How would you define the word "holy"? How does the book of Leviticus change or deepen that definition?

  • Read chapter 18 again, which of the actions in the book of Genesis do you find condemned?

  • Which attribute or characteristic of God comes through the clearest to you from the book of Leviticus?

  • Read chapter 16 and imagine yourself participating in the day of Atonement. How do you think you would feel? act? respond? How do those feelings compare to when you participate in the Lord's Supper?

  • The next book is Numbers, a summary can be found at the (Bible Project)

Exodus: God Delivers His People
Sunday, January 21, 2018

  • What is your favorite story in the Old Testament? Why?

  • God got Moses' attention in a burning bush. In the past, how has God gotten your attention to let you know of a job He had for you? Have you felt like God is asking the wrong person for the job? Can God equip you anyway?

  • God unleashes His power upon the gods of Egypt in the 10 plagues. If God declared war on the "gods" of our modern society, what would they be?

  • In the wilderness, God presented Himself in thunder, lightning and flame on a mountain that could not be touched. What does this tell us about God's character? Are these things true today? What other images does God use to describe His presence in Scripture?

  • What role do the Ten Commandments play in your life with God? Should and/or how can they play a more significant role?

  • Has God ever parted a "Red Sea" in your life, to rescue you from something that would have been harmful?

  • Leviticus' summary can be found at the (Bible Project)

Genesis: Book of Beginnings
Sunday, January 14, 2018

  • If you could have been present to watch any of the stories in the book of Genesis, which one would you choose? Why?

  • Do you see Jesus throughout the Bible, or He a New Testament idea?

  • Which of the pictures of Messiah that we shared (Creation, Rest, Marriage, Offspring, Genealogy, The Blessing, Jacob's Ladder, Joseph) do you find most compelling?

  • When you think of Jesus, do you think of Him more as King, Savior or Sacrifice? Why?

  • God promised Abraham that all the world would be blessed through Him. Do you feel blessed by Abraham, how? Do you see a blessing on the lives of those around you?

  • Have you through faith received the sacrifice Jesus endured for you?

  • Exodus' summary can be found at the (Bible Project)

The Story Begins
Sunday, January 07, 2018

  • What words would you use to describe the God who is revealed in the Creation narrative?

  • The story of the fall indicates that every part of God's good creation was fractured by Adam and Eve's rebellion. As you observe our world, what evidence do you see that the world was created to be a good and beautiful place? Where do you see evidence that it is broken by sin?

  • When you think of the Bible, do you think of a series of books, random stories or one unified story? How does looking at the Bible as a single story change your understanding?

  • If you would to summarize the story of the entire Bible in one or two sentences, how would you summarize it?

  • Have you ever thought about heaven as being a "new Eden"?

  • When do you feel most "naked" before God? How does this help you understand Adam and Eve's reactions? Where in your life is "the serpent" seemingly alive and well?

  • Would you make a commitment to read each book the week before Sunday? Would you watch the video summary? (Bible Project)

God Spoke (part three)
Hebrews 1:1-4
Sunday, December 13, 2017

  • What was the best gift you were given this Christmas? What was the best gift you gave?

  • Have you ever wanted to have God speak directly to you? Have you thought of the Bible as God speaking to you? How can you better listen to God who is speaking?

  • Of all the qualities of Jesus mentioned in verse 2-4 which one are you beginning to appreciate more and more?

  • When did Jesus become more than just a name to you?

  • When was the last time you stopped and truly gave thanks to Jesus for the purification for sin made possible by His death? Why not do it right now.

God Spoke
Hebrews 1:1-4
Sunday, December 10, 2017

  • When was the last time you truly heard from God?

  • If you had the chance to hear the Christmas story from one person, who would it be? Why?

  • God spoke in many ways and at many times, which of the many times do you wish you could have been around to hear? Why?

  • How is Jesus a better form of revelation than a prophet or a burning bush?

  • Which of the seven descriptions of Jesus impacts you the most? Why?

  • God spoke by His Son, would you consider reading one chapter of Mark's gospel each day the rest of this month? Start with Mark 1