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In June of 2000, Pastor Hunter left his pastorate in Nebraska, to join the missions ministry of Gospelink by faith. At Gospelink Willie oversees the missions work going on in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Tanzania. His is also oversees the training of new representatives. On the weekends Willie is often speaking in churches across America trying to find new families and groups to sponsor highly qualified national preachers. He also spends time in Africa each year meeting with national leaders and preachers

October, 2009

Dear Praying Friends,

Greetings and welcome to fall! Here in Missouri the fall colors are in full bloom and the temperatures are cooler than normal. We are all hoping for a few more warm days before winter sets in.

I have been wanting to get a letter out to all of you that pray for our family and for our ministry with Gospelink as we need your prayers. The summer months have flown by and now it is time for my annual trip to Africa. I leave on October 23rd and return home on November 20th. I will be traveling to Tanzania with Pastor John Prater from Georgia. He is a good friend of mine and he wants to see how the accountability side of this ministry operates. He will also be teaching and sharing from the Word of God with me. We will arrive into the Dar Es Salaam Airport on Sunday morning, October 25th and will be in Tanzania until Friday, November 6th. While there, we will be traveling to three different locations; Mebeya, Iringa, and Morogoro. We will spend three to four days at each place meeting Gospelink regional directors and national preachers. We will also get to see several new churches in each location that have been started by Gospelink national preachers. Please pray that this trip will be encouraging to each pastor that we visit with. Pray also for our safety, and for our health.

After completing two weeks of ministry in Tanzania, Pastor John Prater will return home to his family and church in Thompson, Georgia. I will spend the next two weeks traveling through Rwanda and in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo visiting with Gospelink leaders and preachers. These preachers live in one of the most dangerous and difficult areas of the world. In the past year, over 200,000 people in this part of the DR Congo have fled their homes and in the past ten years over 5 million people have died or been killed in the DR Congo due to the ongoing rebel war resulting in lack of food and medicine. Please pray again for my safety and health while I am traveling to rural areas of this nation, seeking to encourage local pastors and churches. It is a true joy and privilege for me to get to travel like this and see the church in developing nations. It is always the highlight of my year and I shall look forward to telling you more about it once I return.

While I am gone over the next month, please remember to pray for Kathy, Jonathan and Rachel, who are still at home. It always seems that something breaks down when I am gone on one of these trips. Pray that God will grant Kathy the wisdom, the patience and the resources to handle any emergencies while I am gone.

Jonathan and Rachel are both enjoying their school year thus far. Jonathan is a senior and is involved in cross country. Rachel is involved in volleyball and both have enjoyed participating on winning teams. With sports, church activities and homework, they seem to always be busy doing something. Jonathan is also working at a new Chick-fil-A about ten miles from our home. Please continue to pray for God to use them on their school campus and that they would also stay in the Word of God on a daily basis, allowing it to shape their lives.

Jonathan had a great missions trip to South East Asia in June and July with AweStar Ministries. His team taught at two different schools on two different islands. As the nation they visited is an Islamic nation, they were not allowed to share openly about their faith or read their Bibles in public. But, they let their lives speak of the love of Jesus and they prayed daily that their lives would bring light, love and the hope of the gospel, to the people of this nation. Would you join Jonathan in praying that his testimony there would one day bear fruit for God's kingdom?

Michael, moved out on his own to Independence, Missouri in August. (about 20 minutes away) So, I guess you can say that he is spreading his wings and becoming more independent. He continues to work at Olive Garden as a waiter and still enjoys working on his Nissan 240SX. He has decided to not go to college yet, at this time. I know he would appreciate your prayers for God to direct his paths and to make His will known to him.

Kimberly continues to live in Gainesville, Florida and is enjoying being done with college and having the freedom and responsibility to choose how she wants to spend her time. She is currently tutoring about 15 children and adults in the English language and whatever subjects they need help with. She also continues to volunteer her time to help those less fortunate than her. Kimberly would appreciate your prayers for good management of her time and finances. She plans to come home for Christmas and we will look forward to seeing here then


Once again we want to thank you for your prayers for our family. Please feel free to share your prayer needs with us as well. We will consider it a privilege to remember you before the throne of God.

Serving Jesus with Joy,
Willie Hunter
Gospelink Inc.
John 3:30
Phone: 816-476-2298
Smithville, Missouri

Tanzania Trip Update

November 20

Dear Praying Friends,

It has been quite a month of traveling throughout Tanzania, the Kivus of the DRC and for the past three days, Rwanda. Thank you for praying for my safety and for the Lord to use me on this wonderful journey. Please don't stop praying because, I still have 30 or so hours left before my plane lands in Kansas City on Saturday Afternoon.

I am currently at the airport in Nairobi, Kenya where I have about a 5 hour wait until my next plane departs for London, England. I am looking forward to stretching my legs before the rest of the journey home continues.

Since my last email, I have traveled from Goma City, DRC to Kigali, Rwanda and spent approximately two days in this city of 2 million people or so. While there, I had the opportunity to visit the Rwanda Genocide Memorial for several hours. This was truly a moving experience as I read and listened to the testimonies of people who survived this horrible event that claimed 1 million lives in 100 days! As I walked through the exhibit, my mind thought of Jeremiah 17:9 which says, "The heart of man is evil and desperately wicked, who can understand it." What happened here in April through June of 1994, is beyond any explanation or understanding. We are now only 15 years removed from this horrible historical event. While the nation of Rwanda is healing, the signs of this terrible event can be seen through the millions of orphans and widows and the many people who still live here that lost their foot, leg, hand or arm. The people of Rwanda are beautiful and they have large forgiving hearts. Please pray for this nation to continue to turn to Jesus Christ.

While here, I also met with four pastors and evangelists that wanted to know more about Gospelink. It was pure joy to sit down with these men and hear their personal testimonies of how they have started new churches in this nation since the horrible days of 1994. My only regret was that I had to tell them that they would have to wait for 3 to 4 years to even fill out a Gospelink sponsorship Application because, there are 300 pastors ahead of them who have already filled out the forms from other nations that we already work in. As a ministry, we have decided to not recieve any new applications from preachers until the number of waiting applications falls below 100. That will most likely take two to three years. Your prayers for us to find many new sponsors in the year to come are much needed and appreciated.

While in Kigali, I also had the chance to meet with the Youth for Christ administrator of Kigali Christian School. This man, Brad Burnfield and his wife Kiki are from Colorado but, they have been living in Kigali for the past 4 years to start this school. They also just adopted a little girl from Rwanda to join their other child. This school is currently educates more than 500 students and will start a High School in January 2010.

Today, before departing Kigali for Kenya, I had the chance to meet a very bright and passionate evangelist, who is Rwandan and speaks great English. I will begin praying for him, that he might possibly be the national director for Gospelink in Rwanda, when and if we choose to sponsor preachers in this needy nation.

I was also able to enjoy a wonderful meal of Fish, Rice, and Mangos at the home of Pastor Aphrodice. This is a pastor that I met when I traveled through Kigali in 2007. He very much wants to be sponsored by Goseplink and has a thriving ministry to the prisons and hospitals in this growing city. He also has started three new churches since 1998 in the Kigali area. He has four beautiful children and his wife is going to school to be a nurse someday.

I am rather tired today, as I did not sleep well last night. Prayers for a restful flight to London are appreciated. I plan to share this Sunday, in my small group at church, about the adventures that God has me on this past month. Prayers for an alert mind and good health for Sunday are also appreciated. If you would like me to come to your church and share with you about this adventure that I am just about to finish, please contact me and I will schedule a meeting as soon as possible.

Once again, thank you for following me on this journey through Africa! It has truly been a life changing trip for me and for many that I met. Your prayers greatly strengthened me and encouraged me. Please know that you are loved and appreciated by me, more than you ever know.

Serving Jesus with Joy,
Willie Hunter
John 3:30
Hosea 10:12

November 17

Dear Praying Friends,

This will be my last email to you while I am in the Congo and possibly my last email to you from Africa. I do not know what my email possibilities will be in Rwanda the rest of this week. My plane leaves for Nairobi on Friday afternoon and then I am off for London and the USA. Your prayers for safe travel and on time departures and arrivals would be very much appreciated. I will be home with my family on Saturday afternoon. I am very much looking forward to seeing them!

The past two days have been very good days for me. I have enjoyed some very special fellowship with the children of our national direcotor, and also with the regional directors of Gospelink in the Kivus of the DRC. On Monday, I was able to visit with two more Christian ministries that have offices in Goma City. These ministries are: ALARM which stands for African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries. They have a minstry of training national pastors and working with every aspect of the local church. Then, I also was able to visit with the director of Campus Crusade for Christ and we had a very nice time talking about the Jesus Film ministry and other ministries that they are involved in, in the Kivus.

I also spent a few hours with 40+ orphans that Gospelink sponsors are helping to feed and clothe and send to a Christain School here in Goma. It was very interesting to listen to the testimonies of several of these orphans. Many of their stories are heart breaking. They are very grateful for the difference that Gospelink is making in their lives.

Today was designed to be a day of rest and it was indeed that for me. I spent the morning doing some reading that I wanted to finish and was able to get that done. In the afternoon, I toured a local coffee factory and learned all about the process of taking coffee from the fields to the shipping markets in Kenya. They also gave me some coffee beans to bring home, which I thought was very generous of them. Then the regional directors, along with the national director, took me out to the lake side hotel for a very nice meal. The food was fabulous! Then, they proceded to thank me for bringing Gospelink to their nation and for visiting their homes and churches. It was a very humbling experience, as I feel very honored to know such men of God and to count them as my friends and brothers in Christ. Before this years' trip, I knew their names but not their faces, now all of that has changed. God has brought us together in a very special way over the past two weeks. I am already looking forward to my next trip back to this part of Africa.

Tomorrow morning the national director, Athanase Habimana and I will board a bus and head for Kigali, Rwanda. While in Kigali, I hope to visit with some pastors who want to know more information about Gospelink. Pray that God will keep me focused for this final leg of my jouney. My mind is definitely starting to turn towards home and Thanksgiving dinner!

Kathy, told me today that we had about 1 inch of snow at home. I have been in such a warm climate over the past month that, I forgot it was approaching winter back home. Pray that my body will adust to the new climate without me getting sick.

Once again, I want to thank you for following along with me on this journey to Africa. It has been a wonderful trip in many, many ways and your prayers and thoughts have helped to carry me through each day.

Serving Jesus with Joy, Willie Hunter
John 3:30

November 15

Dear Praying Friends,

The church is growing in the Congo! Today, I had the joy of preaching in Bethany Church in Goma City, DRC. This church was started in October, 2007 in the first Christian's home. The pastor that started the church is Pastor Pascal, one of our regional directors here. Today they have their own church plot and building. They are proud of their cement floor and sound system. I was excited to see over 260 people in the church building today. The worship was amazing and I always like all of the vibrant colors worn by the African ladies and men. I preached a message on, "the blessings that come from the Word of God after one hour of singing and praising Jesus!" After my message, 22 precious people accepted Jesus as their Savior!!! Then, we had another hour of singing, offering and announcements. We were in church just under 3 hours, and some of that in a down pour of rain.

I have reached a turning point in my trip, that means, I know that I am headed home soon. This is the last Sunday that I will be in Africa until next year. I am looking forward to being home with my family next week at this time. But, I am also saddened by the fact that I have to leave the vibrant and living and growing church of Africa. The worship services here are so very special. The spirit of God moves here and the people express their love for Jesus in such bold and beautiful ways! I will miss Africa greatly over the next year, but am thankful that Lord willing, I will be back.

Monday, is a rather full day for me. I will be meeting many of the orphans that have been sponsored by several individuals that give to Gospelink on a regular basis. These orphans live in the homes of church members but, get to go to school, have nice clothes and food to eat, because of the generosity of these sponsors. I will also be meeting with the director of Campus Crusade for Christ in Goma City and have one final meeting with all of our regional directors tomorrow in the late afternoon. Pray that God will give me strength for each activity that I will be involved in.

Tuesday, I hope to have a very special day with the Habimana family and also do some strategy planning with our national director, Athanase. Please pray that his time will be will spent and that Tuesday will be a relaxing day for me.

Wednesday, I leave for Kigali, Rwanda with our national director and will spend some time in Rwanda meeting with pastors who would like to learn more about Gospelink. I also hope to see some of the sights in Kigali and to visit some other ministries that are working there.

Once again, thank you for your prayers for myself and for my family who are eagerly awaiting my return home next Saturday.

Serving Jesus with Joy,
Willie Hunter
John 3:30

November 13

Dear Praying Friends,

Thank you for your prayers and your emails. They are so encouraging to me!

For fhe past two days, I have stayed in Goma town, visiting Gospelink Preachers who have fled the mountains in fear of the rebels and are now living in Goma. On Thursday, I visited three preachers and spoke in two different churches. At the first service, we arrived at 9:00 a.m. and the whole church was there to greet us. They sang wonderfully! I was honored to bring them a message from the Bible and two men came forward to receive Jesus as their Savior! Nothing brings more joy to me than leading a lost sheep to his Savior.

I also had the joy being able to give enough Bibles to each of the regional directors so that in turn, every Gospelink preacher in the Kivu's could give one new Bible to a young leader in their churches, that they are training to be a pastor of a new church. I was also able to be a part of handing one of these Bibles to "a young Timothy." that is already serving a new church plant for Pastor Athanase Habimana our national director. What a joy!

Today, I also met with two more Gospelink preachers. The first pastor was Joaichim Kanyomihigo. He moved here from the mountains in the past year and has started a new church by the name of Shkina Church. The church is growing and now has 70 adult members and about 35 children in attendance each Sunday. This is the same church that I wrote about in a recent Gospelink Advance Newsletter. Over $500.00 were raised to help put a roof on the church and some wooden planks to replace plastic sheets that now cover the building. This dear pastor is in need of your prayers. During this past year, his wife lost a battle with Malaria and died, leaving him with 6 children to raise in a new town. I learned today, that one of those children had Tuberculosis and passed away on October 15th. I was so shocked to hear this news. The pastor was obviously not very encouraged about these tragic events. I tried to remind him of God's love for him, and that in a few years, God would use these events in his life to help him be able to help others. I also encouraged him to draw near to Jesus during this time in his life. He did seem to be encouraged at my counsel and at the good news about the money that he will be receiving very soon to help him with his church. Please pray for him today and ask God to give him strength for each new day.

This is the second pastor that I have met on this trip to Africa that has lost his wife in the past year. The other pastor was Deus Kayoka, one of our regional directors in Tanzania, Africa. Count your blessings, because you never know when God is going to call you home.

Speaking of blessings, I had one today. I had my blood tested at a medical clinic here in Goma City for Malaria. The test came back negative, which was great news to hear! I had this done just make sure that it was out of my system before returning home at the end of next week. I praise the Lord for His healing in my life! I have felt great most everyday that I have been in Africa, except for the day I woke up with Malaria. You can pray for my gums in my mouth though. The meat here in Africa is much different than meat in America and my gums usually get inflamed from it getting stuck in between my teeth and gums. Tonight, the pain is more intense than normal. Any relief the Lord can bring me would be greatly appreciated.

This weekend, I am going to be checking out a few other ministries that have work going on in the Kivus. I always find it interesting to see what others are doing to be like Christ in a difficult part of the world. On Sunday, I will be preaching at Bethany Church, which is a new church started in the past two years by our regional director, Pascal. Pray that God will speak through me and that anyone who needs to receive Jesus would do so this Sunday.

Serving Jesus with Joy,
Willie Hunter
John 3:30

November 11

Dear Praying Friends,

The country of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is a land of great contrast. The city of Goma having been destroyed by a volcano in the 1950's and again in 2002, is a city coved in hard lava rock. I have never seen another city like this one in the world. It is a city of nearly 800,000 people and also, on the outskirts of town there are dozens of refugee camps, because of the rebels who are fighting each other in the mountain terrain in both South and North Kivu.

For the past two days, I have been traveling with our national director to outlying villages and encouraging church members and Gospelink pastors. The views of Kivu Lake are breathtaking! The beauty is everywhere and there is not a boat on the whole lake! Just gentle water and peaceful mountains surround this lake. The mountains are lush with green banana trees and other crops, as the rainy season started here about one month ago.

The rainy season has made for some interesting roads. One road was completely washed away and they are in the process of rebuilding it. I was very thankful that we were driving a four wheel drive vehicle on these slippery roads!

On Tue day, we drove about 120 kilometers to visit Pastor Kiana Boani of Bweremana Village. This pastor is supported by our small group that Kathy and I are a part of, at the church we attend. What a joy it was to meet his whole family and to pray with them! Pastor Boani has served the Lord at Sayuni Church for the past 11 years. He has had church members killed and raped by the rebels who live in the mountains around his village. He started this rural village church with just 6 adults and now has 100 who attend regularly. Pastor Boani is currently starting five new churches and has been training 5 young men to be the pastors of each of these churches. The biggest challenge for almost all Gospelink pastors is to obtain land for these new churches to be built on. In small villages, this land can be purchased for $300.00 to $600.00, but this seemingly small amount of money puts building a permanent building out of reach for many of our pastors. Please pray for the safety of this dear family and for God's blessings to continue to fall on them.

Today, I traveled even farther out into the bush to visit Pastor Emmanuel Sibomana, who lives in Karuba Village. This village is up a steep mountain and has beautiful vistas. Pastor Sibomana has been in this village for the last year, after been forced to flee his last village because of fighting. Before he left, his 16 year old son was captured by the rebels and forced to fight in the ongoing battle in the mountains for almost 5 months. Pastor Sibomana is building a new church and already has 17 members and about 20 children coming to Sunday morning services in a rented house. They rent the house for $6.00 per month. This pastor is married and has seven children and one orphan living in his simple home. I enjoyed a meal of chicken and rice, while visiting with his family. At the worship service in the church, I preached a simple message about the lessons we can learn from the pencil, applying it to our lives and our need for Jesus. At the end of the message, 12 people received Jesus as their Savior. On the way back to Goma town, we passed a truck filled with Tutsi rebels, but they did nothing to us. God is protecting me, thank you for your prayers!

After passing back through Goma town, we continued traveling to Kibumba village near the Rwanda border. Again the scenery was spectacular! This village is filled with dark black soil and many different types of food were growing there, from onions, to corn, to artichokes and carrots. It was like the garden of Eden! Here, we visited the church filled with widows and violated women that I spoke about in my last update. Upon arriving at the church, the women were singing and dancing around our vehicle. Their praises to God were simply amazing! No instruments, just beautiful faces and voices worshipping the King of Kings. Later, I was told that they were singing about the war and the struggles they have faced, but also of the protection of God upon their lives. I brought a message to them from Psalm 139 entitled: "Who are you?" I reminded them that the Lord thinks that they are beautiful and that he never stops thinking of them and protecting them! After the service was over, 15 people accepted Jesus as their Savior!!! When the service concluded, we enjoyed a wonderful meal of chicken and spinach with the leaders of the church. Then, I was allowed to interview four of the ladies and pray with them. Two of the women had been raped recently and two other women had lost their husbands to the rebels gunfire. I tried to speak comforting words to them and to pray for them in a powerful way. Thank you all who were praying for me this week about this service. God, truly gave me the words to speak to them.

We were gone for over 12 hours today and drove on some very rough and wet roads. I was exhausted upon my return to the Habimana home back in Goma. I look forward to a good night sleep tonight. Tomorrow, we plan to stay in Goma town and visit three different pastors in their homes. Your prayers and emails are always of a great encouragement to me! Thank you!

I am almost to the last week of my time in Africa. The last week is always the hardest to remain focused, as my mind begins to drift towards home and family. Your prayers for me to finish well on this wonderful missions journey, are highly appreciated.

Serving Jesus with Joy,
Willie Hunter
John 3:30

November 8

Dear Praying Friends,

God has been so good to me. Thank you for your continued prayers! After arriving here late on Friday night and getting some sleep, I had a great Saturday morning meeting with 35 Gospelink National Missionaries from all over North and South Kivu. We spent 4 wonderful hours together worshipping the Lord. I gave them a challenge from the Bible and we also spent some time praying for one another. It was like heaven on earth for me! Each of these men love God and serve Him in a very difficult part of the World.

Saturday afternoon, I spent about 3 hours with 6 of the Gospelink leaders in this nation, at a lakeside restaurant. We had some wonderful Chicken and Chips and even better fellowship!

This week, I will be visiting with some of the missionaries in thier homes and also going outside of the city to see some of the new churches that have been started. The rebel activity has intensified quite a bit in the last week so, I will not be able to do as much traveling as I had planned. This is disappointing but, I appreciate the leaders of Gospelink wanting to keep me safe. Please pray that God will use me to encourage these dear men. Some of them serve people that have had their homes destroyed and burned several times. One church is in a camp filled with only widows. The rebels came in and killed all of the men in the past few years. This week, I am to have the opportunity to visit this church. What do you say to a church filled with women, whose husbands have been murded? Please pray that God will give me the words to comfort them.

Today, I preached at Hekima Church to about 300 people. I spoke on the value of the Word of God. I was very tired after preaching so, I took a nap and felt much better a few hours later. I also visited the home of a new mother, who just had a baby on Friday morning. I got to hold this little baby in my arms and pray for the family. What a blessing!!!

I must go for now. Thank you for praying for me.

Serving Jesus with Joy!
Willie Hunter
John 3:30

November 7

Hi Everyone!

I am finally getting a chance to sit down & let you all know who may be wondering, that Willie did arrive safely today around 1:30 pm CST in the Democratic Republic of Congo. (only 5 hrs. later than scheduled!)

Oh my....this trip to Africa this year, continues to never be boring!

Willie woke up at 3 am today in Tanzania (6 pm CST on Thur.) & went to the airport. His flight was to leave just past 5 far so good. He arrived around 6 or 6:30 am. He then took another flight to Rwanda, which left at 8 something. Well......let the adventure begin once again! About 1 hr. or so into the flight, the pilot came on the speaker to say...." Ladies & gentleman, one of our engines have stopped working so, we will need to turn this plane around and go back to Niarobi!!!!" So, they returned safely to Niarobi & then finally took off again at 12:30 pm (3 am CST), landed in Burundi & then finally, in Kigali, Rwanda. There, our Gospelink National Director of the NE Congo, Athanase Habimana was waiting patiently for him at the airport. They then took about a 3 hr. bus ride across the boarder, finally arriving in Goma, DRC about 9:00 pm (1:00 pm CST). Wow....what a trip! Willie said that he was tired, but very glad to finally be there in Goma with good friends!

Thank you so much once again for all of your prayers. As you can see, they continue to be needed! God must really want to do some great things!! Please continue to pray for strength & healing for Willie as well as safety. Also, for hearts to be drawn to the Lord & God's work to be accomplished.

Because of Him!
Kathy Hunter

November 5

Dear Praying Friends,

How do I summarize the last week for you? It is indeed impossible, God has been so good to me and shown me His power and love in so many ways. Thank you for praying for me as I have travelled for His Glory across Tanzania these past 12 days.

As I write this email to you, I have less than 12 hours left in Tanzania. My plane departs for Kigali, Rwanda at 5:00 am on Friday from Dar Es Salaam. Then, I will travel by bus for 5 hours with our national director, to the city of Goma in the Demcratic Republic of the Congo. I should be relaxing at this home by Friday evening. I am looking forward to meeting each of the 40+ Gospelink preachers sponsored in this part of the world. I also hope to visit some outlying areas where churches have been started. Your prayers for my safety and for God's strength are very much needed. Please also continue to pray for my wife and my children as I will not get home until November 21st.

Many of you have heard that I became sick with Malaria in the last few days. Thank you for praying for me!!! Wednesday morning I woke up with a pounding headache, dizziness, high fever, and diarrhea in Morogoro, Tanzania. After getting to a medical clinic, it was discovered that I had a temperature above 104 degrees. No wonder I felt so bad. After 5 hours of IV medication, I was feeling much better and I began the 3 hour car ride back to Dar Es Salaam, where my journey began on October 26th.

Today, I awoke in Dar Es Salaam feeling much better and the Lord gave me miraculous strength to speak before 25 Gospelink Preachers for more than 4 hours. Many across Tanzania and America were praying for me and it is these prayers that have sustained me. Thank you does not seem to be near the right words to use. I praise Jesus for watching over me and lifting me up above a very severe sickness that could have taken my life! Though, I would of considered it pure joy to perish for my Jesus in Africa.

Today, I am thankful for renewed strength and life. The last week has been amazing! At each place that we have visited Mbeya, Mafinga, Iringa, Morogoro, and Dar Es Salaam we have been provided with wonderful cars to use and have met with dozens of Gospelink Preachers/Missionaries. We have stories of churches being started in Muslim strongholds, of witch doctors coming Christ and of Polygamous husbands coming to Christ, along with all of their wives. We have heard of the children of pastors getting a good education, of orphans being fed and clothed and cared for in the homes of preachers. We have heard of Pastors wives being saved from death, because of Gospelink funds that reached them in time. One preacher told me of almost losing his home, but his Gospelink funds arrived in time to save his home.

Each preacher/missionary has a wonderful story to tell. I wish that I could tell you of all of the blessings that I have expereinced during these last 12 days. I do not deserve to be here. These men and their families love Jesus with such great passion. It is pure joy to be in their presence. For those who support me financially and pray for me, thank you, thank you, thank you! I have told these preachers of your prayers and your gifts that make the ministry that God has entrusted to me possible.

I must sign off now. Please keep praying for me and for family. I love you and am also praying for you during these days.

Serving Jesus with Joy,
Willie Hunter
John 3:30

November 4

Hey Everyone!

I know that it has been awhile since you got an update on Willie. I hope that you have still continued to pray for him.

In Willie's last message to you all, he was in Mafinda, Tanzania. He had a wonderful time of ministry & fellowship there with 9 preachers in this small area. On Sun. morning, he, John Prater & Pastor Samuel Kabonaki all preached in different churches. They then came back together in the afternoon & evening. On Mon. they travelled to Morogoro & met and visited with Regional Director, Alex Mwasile and his family. Willie said that this man has an amazing life story of what God has brought him through. I can't wait to hear it! On Tues., they spent the morning meeting with Gospelink sponsored preachers from the Morogoro region. In the afternoon, they visited two of the Gospelink churches in town and met the pastors and their families. That evening they did some door to door ministry. I do not know all of the details of what the results were because of limited communication. Willie said that their time has been very special in all 3 regions where they have been & that he has heard some AMAZING stories of lives changed!!!

Yesterday (Tues. just before noon for is 9hrs. later there) in the evening, Willie texted me & asked for me to pray. He was back at the guest house. He said that he was very tired & had a queezy stomach off & on. This morn. (last night for me) he said that he was awake but, not well & needed prayer. He was hoping to go to the doctor soon. He was complaining of a headache, diarrhea, fever & dizziness. If he didn't move, he was okay ={ Well....for those of you who recognize these symptoms.....yes "he has malaria!!" He said that they gave him some IV meds. & some pills to take & that he should be back to "normal" in the morning but, prayers are still needed! is almost 8pm there & they are travelling back to Dar Es Salamm, where they will be for the next 2 days of the remainder of their time in Tanzania. Tomorrow (Thurs.), they will spend time meeting with the Regional Directors and National Preachers in the morning & then have a time of debriefing about their time in Tanzania and enjoy some fellowship. Very early on Fri. morn. (about 8pm on Thur. eve. here), Willie will be flying 6 1/2 hrs. to Niarobi, Kenya & then to Rwanda. From there, he will take a bus to Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo. He will spend the rest of his time in Africa with the Gospelink preachers in the DRC. Fri. eve., John Prater will be returning to the U.S. so, please remember both of them as they travel on this day.

Willie said that:

  1. He is thankful to be alive & that he hasn't had diarrhea for the last 11 hrs.!
  2. He asks that you would pray for him to have strength & for God to use him for His glory!

I just want to say thank you to all of you who are praying & please continue to pray not only for health & safety but, that God would do GREAT & MIGHTY things!!

Because of Him
Kathy Hunter

October 30

I have arrived safely in Tanzania and have already enjoyed three days of life changing ministry. Thank you for praying for myself, Pastor John Prater and the Gospelink Preachers that we are traveling and doing ministry with.

Monday, we spent 13 hours on a bus traveling to the western city of Mbeya. Here we were greeted by all of our national preachers who live and work in this region. On Tuesday, we had a joy filled meeting. We heard testimones and gave them an update of the work of Gospelink around the world. In the afternoon we did some door to door evangelism and saw over 20 people come to Jesus as their personal Savior! We also traveled about an hour south on the Malawi road to the town of Tukuyu and visited two new and growing churches. It was wonderful to see a church, that is now 7 years old, already reaching out and starting a new church a few kilometers away. Before going back to our hotel in Mbeya, we stopped at the farm of our regional director's father to visit the grave of his younger brother, who died last year from heart problems. While visiting the grave, we shared the gospel with Mr. Brown, who wanted to know more about Jesus. He asked Jesus to be his Savior and insisted that we go with him to his home to share the good news of Jesus with his wife. We followed him to his home and had the joyful expereience of leading his wife also to the Savior!

What an exciting day it was to see so many come to Christ. Your prayers are changing lives, so please do give up. We need your prayers now more than ever!

Today, Thurday, October 29th, we traveled 5 hours by bus to Mafinda and will be in this area until Sunday night. We will be visitiing the homes of several pastors and also visitng several new churches in the area. Pray that God will bless our time here and that we will have the opportunity to lead more into the arms of Jesus.

Serving Jesus with Joy,
Willie Hunter

October 25

Dear Praying Friends!

We just wanted to send you all a note to let you know that, after a VERY eventful start to Willie's trip (which all started at the airport in Kansas City), Willie arrived safely in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. He was rejoicing to see that after much prayer, his luggage was all there when he arrived! (thank you for all of you who were praying). You see, everyone of his flights had to be changed as a result of flight delays at the start. BUT, we are rejoicing! We believe that God must have some great things that He wants to accomplish for His kingdom!!

Anyway, after "a few" hours of sleep, they will be leaving on a bus & travelling to the southwest part of the nation to Mbeya, Tanzania. They will be doing a lot of travelling by bus to several new areas of Tanzania that Willie has not yet been to. Please pray for safety as they travel & that God would prepare the way ahead of them, for a good time of ministry & opportunities to see lives change for eternity!

We will do our best to try to keep you all informed of what happens on the trip, as well as the blessings & needs for prayer. Thanks again for praying with us!

Because of Him!
Kathy Hunter